Of Fish and Bicycles

“A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.” – quote attributed to Gloria Steinem

To find out why I, a writer of light-hearted cozy mysteries, would begin a blog post using a quote from Gloria Steinem, a hard-hitting feminist intellectual and writer of much-lauded essays, pop over to the Jane Reads blog

Cozy mystery connoisseur and all-around great person, Jane, and her cat, Maxie, recently reviewed The Burnt Island Burial Ground on her blog. I’m pretty chuffed about being awarded a “five kitty” review, their highest honor. This is especially exciting since it’s the first time I’ve been reviewed by a non-human! This could open up a whole new readership for me, because I have yet to really break into the anthropomorphic cat market. 🙂

And speaking of fish, bicycles, and anthropomorphism, here’s a whimsically delightful video clip I found when I was trying to research who actually said the fish/bicycle quote for the first time:

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