And now, I present: Brain-achingly terrible limericks.

Last week’s guest Cindy Blackburn‘s terrible poetry inspired me to share some of my own really appalling limericks. Beware, your brain may never forgive you.

by Mindy Quigley

This miniature donkey hates lollipops

This miniature donkey hates lollipops.
But for hay in the shape of a ball, he drops
what he’s doing
and commences to chewing.
And when he has finished it all, he stops.

This koala I know hates licorice.
He claims Twizzlers will make his throat ticklish.
But with leafy eucalyptus
he’ll cook a yummy hot dish.
It’s a recipe beloved by the Amish.

This egret isn’t fond of candy bars.

This spectacular egret hates candy bars.
But for mouse meat she’ll happily flap quite far.
To pick up a morsel,
I tell you of course she’ll
fly from here to Cote d’Ivoire.

This panda I met hates bubblegum.
But for bamboo over hilltops and fields she’ll come.
She’ll even fight leopards,
and she once bit some shepherds.
An addict I fear she’s become.

These animals all find it preferable
to eat their favorite comestibles.
So to stay on their good side,
it’s essential that you provide
food they will find acceptable.

If you managed to make it this far, congratulations! Please feel free to leave your reactions (or your own terrible poems) in the comments section.

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