Thanks for nothin’, J.R.R. Tolkien – More of my interview with audiobook narrator Holly Adams

Audiobook narrator Holly Adams sat down with me recently to talk about her process for narrating fantasy and non-fiction books and the preparation that goes into each recording.

Dingbatters and Duck Dialect

Agatha Christie was a shy person. Clever as her mysteries were, she felt that, in real life, her wittiest remarks and most amusing observations always came to her too late–when she was alone at home or long after she’d left a dinner party. Part of the reason she loved to write was that she could use theseContinue reading “Dingbatters and Duck Dialect”

You will never find closure

The vet school where I work when I’m not writing the Mount Moriah Mysteries runs a Pet Loss Hotline, and I sometimes volunteer there. Many of the callers use the hotline to support them through the acute, initial phases of grief. The sympathetic ear we provide can be particularly helpful if the pet’s death has beenContinue reading “You will never find closure”

Writers Who Kill Interview

If you’ve never checked out the wonderful Writers Who Kill blog, might I suggest that today would be an excellent day to do so? Coincidentally, they have kindly featured an interview about my Lindsay Harding series. 🙂 I’ve posted an excerpt below. An Interview with Mindy Quigley Mindy Quigley writes a mystery series featuring aContinue reading “Writers Who Kill Interview”

Birthing books, birthing babies, and cuddling with all kinds of feedback

Writer, reviewer, and book blogger Judy Nickles featured an interview with me on her blog yesterday. Check out an excerpt here: If you’ve written more than one book, what have you learned between the first one and the new release? I’ve learned to greet critiques from my beta readers with wide open arms. The prospectContinue reading “Birthing books, birthing babies, and cuddling with all kinds of feedback”

I forgot to water the blog.

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, but I have a good excuse! I’m working on two exciting Minty Fresh endeavors: Firstly, I’m busily drafting A Burnt Island Burial Ground, the third book in the Lindsay Harding series. Although I’m still a few months from publication, here’s a little sneak peak of the Back Cover blurb:Continue reading “I forgot to water the blog.”

Free copies of A Death in Duck

Those of you who obsessively check my Amazon and Goodreads pages (or is that just me…?) will have seen that the cover artwork for the Lindsay Harding series has recently undergone a facelift. In celebration, I’m giving away three signed copies of A Death in Duck with the older artwork (the original Doberman cover) toContinue reading “Free copies of A Death in Duck”

There’s no shame in writing fluff! Interview with bestselling cozy author Julie Anne Lindsey

Julie Anne Lindsay, author of the fabulous Patience Price mystery series, muses on feminism, the importance of community and why writing is fun (in a never-ending torture kind of way). She also explains why she won’t be stabbing you with a shrimp fork any time soon. Minty Fresh Mysteries (MFM): One of my favorite writers, Ann Patchett,Continue reading “There’s no shame in writing fluff! Interview with bestselling cozy author Julie Anne Lindsey”

BookBub is my new husband.

Who, you ask, is that fancy person sitting on Amazon’s bestseller charts at Number 12 alongside Janet Evanovich and J.K. Rowling (writing as Robert Galbraith)? Why it’s lil’ old me, with my BESTSELLING novel A Murder in Mount Moriah. And how did a lowly self-published author reach these heady heights? Just ask my new husband, BookBub.  With apologiesContinue reading “BookBub is my new husband.”

Sneak Preview: Chapter One of A Death in Duck

God willin’ and the creek don’t rise, A Death in Duck, book two of the Reverend Lindsay Harding series, will be released on Amazon at the end of June. The friendly furry fellow at the left will feature on the book cover, which my lovely cover designer, Paige Nowak, is currently putting the finishing touches on.Continue reading “Sneak Preview: Chapter One of A Death in Duck”