You will never find closure

The vet school where I work when I’m not writing the Mount Moriah Mysteries runs a Pet Loss Hotline, and I sometimes volunteer there. Many of the callers use the hotline to support them through the acute, initial phases of grief. The sympathetic ear we provide can be particularly helpful if the pet’s death has beenContinue reading “You will never find closure”

Two days, 9 hours, seven minutes, 24 seconds. Make that 23 seconds!

I’m not a savvy shopper. I love stumbling across a bargain as much as the next guy or gal, but in general I’m a person who goes out with a pretty fixed idea of what I want. If I’m in the market for an eight-roll box of Earth Rated® Poop Bags Dog Waste Bags, for example, IContinue reading “Two days, 9 hours, seven minutes, 24 seconds. Make that 23 seconds!”

Murder is better with a spoon full of sugar (or a cookie)

I recently paid a virtual visit to Brooke Blogs, a website curated by a small-town Ohio librarian. She was kind enough to feature my newest release, The Burnt Island Burial Ground, which is the latest installment of the Reverend Lindsay Harding mystery series. Pop on over to bookish Brooke’s blog to find out why, if I’mContinue reading “Murder is better with a spoon full of sugar (or a cookie)”

Vacations–virtual and otherwise

I’m going on an epic vacation this summer–a month traveling around England, Scotland, Wales, and Iceland. I know that conventional wisdom says you shouldn’t put things like this on social media, but since our house will be occupied by some strapping graduate students and a ferocious miniature Schnauzer, I’m confident that all the criminal typesContinue reading “Vacations–virtual and otherwise”

Exclusive sample of The Burnt Island Burial Ground

The Burnt Island Burial Ground, book three in the Mount Moriah mystery series, is available for pre-order on Amazon! For the eReader-less among you, the paperback will go on sale in June. I’ve posted an exclusive sample Use the password “burntisland” for a sneak preview of the first two chapters.

Clean Indie Reads Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed today on the Clean Indie Reads blog, home of “Flinch-Free Fiction.” So what exactly is flinch-free fiction? While flinch-free books aren’t squeaky-clean Disney-Princess pure in every imaginable way, they are “clean” in the following ways: They contain no erotica or sexually explicit scenes. There should be nothing that givesContinue reading “Clean Indie Reads Interview”