The day Col. Sanders met Lyndon Johnson’s dog

A reviewer once opined that, though she loved my books, she found the speaking in tongues scene in A Murder in Mount Moriah unbelievable. I laughingly noted that that scene, along with the notorious squirrel in the bathroom incident, are just about the only events in the book that are based on true incidents. This readerContinue reading “The day Col. Sanders met Lyndon Johnson’s dog”

Writers Who Kill Interview

If you’ve never checked out the wonderful Writers Who Kill blog, might I suggest that today would be an excellent day to do so? Coincidentally, they have kindly featured an interview about my Lindsay Harding series. 🙂 I’ve posted an excerpt below. An Interview with Mindy Quigley Mindy Quigley writes a mystery series featuring aContinue reading “Writers Who Kill Interview”

Audiobook trailer for A Murder in Mount Moriah

Just wanted to share a little snippet of Holly Adams’s brilliant narration of A Murder in Mount Moriah, available to download on iTunes, Amazon, or Audible. Even if you’ve already read the book, I guarantee Holly’s hilarious portrayals of the characters will tickle your funny bone all over again.

All Creatures Great and Not So Great

Because I really, really love animals (and because the big Hollywood movie deal on the Lindsay Harding books has yet to materialize), I continue to work my part-time day job as Clinical Trials Coordinator at the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine. Yesterday, things in the office got a little bit weird. Luckily, one of theContinue reading “All Creatures Great and Not So Great”

Audiobook raffle. Enter before April 27th!

A Murder in Mount Moriah is now an audiobook! Folks, if you chuckled when you read this book, I’ll guarantee that you’ll chortle and maybe even guffaw at actress Holly Adams’s colorful performance. Until April 27th, you can enter the giveaway raffle for a chance to win one of three free audiobook downloads. Or, if you’re not theContinue reading “Audiobook raffle. Enter before April 27th!”

Birthing books, birthing babies, and cuddling with all kinds of feedback

Writer, reviewer, and book blogger Judy Nickles featured an interview with me on her blog yesterday. Check out an excerpt here: If you’ve written more than one book, what have you learned between the first one and the new release? I’ve learned to greet critiques from my beta readers with wide open arms. The prospectContinue reading “Birthing books, birthing babies, and cuddling with all kinds of feedback”

Clean Indie Reads Interview

I had the pleasure of being interviewed today on the Clean Indie Reads blog, home of “Flinch-Free Fiction.” So what exactly is flinch-free fiction? While flinch-free books aren’t squeaky-clean Disney-Princess pure in every imaginable way, they are “clean” in the following ways: They contain no erotica or sexually explicit scenes. There should be nothing that givesContinue reading “Clean Indie Reads Interview”

I forgot to water the blog.

I’ve been neglecting the blog lately, but I have a good excuse! I’m working on two exciting Minty Fresh endeavors: Firstly, I’m busily drafting A Burnt Island Burial Ground, the third book in the Lindsay Harding series. Although I’m still a few months from publication, here’s a little sneak peak of the Back Cover blurb:Continue reading “I forgot to water the blog.”

Free copies of A Death in Duck

Those of you who obsessively check my Amazon and Goodreads pages (or is that just me…?) will have seen that the cover artwork for the Lindsay Harding series has recently undergone a facelift. In celebration, I’m giving away three signed copies of A Death in Duck with the older artwork (the original Doberman cover) toContinue reading “Free copies of A Death in Duck”

New cover art for A Murder in Mount Moriah

Genevieve LaVO of LaVO Design has been working on new cover art for my books. She’s just put the finishing touches on the cover for A Murder in Mount Moriah. It won’t be officially launched for a few weeks yet, but I wanted to get some early feedback. So what do y’all think? Are you as excitedContinue reading “New cover art for A Murder in Mount Moriah”